Bristol Is Open

We have partnered with Bristol Is Open to deploy NetOS® in a first-in-the-world use of open networking technologies, to design a diverse Smart City network.

Bristol is open


The partnership is a €25million Horizon2020 REPLICATE Project, one of the largest Smart City projects in Europe. Bristol is leading the way in implementing new solutions to the growing urban demand for data, and our unique technology will enable public-private partnerships to deliver more efficient use of resources for the future.

Bristol is Open uses a council owned fibre optic network to link nodes around the city, to deliver speeds of up to 1 Gbps using Wi-Fi, LTE and advanced wireless access technologies.Our  NetOS® tech is providing increased network capabilities to support the demand for effective distribution.  

The use of NetOS®  provides a new multi-tenant, multi-technology platform to enable ‘Experimentation-as-a-Service.’ The software allows service providers to acquire, on-demand, a ‘slice’ of Bristol Is Open’s network for the development of their application or service.

You can read more about NetOS® here and smart cities here.  

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