The pace of rapid changes in technology and consumer demand is a significant challenge to video Service Providers. The traditional ways to create, process and deliver video is becoming increasingly difficult and costly as it is typically employ dedicated hardware based on ASICS, FPGAs and other custom chips. At the same time, video distributors risk losing customers to Internet-based OTT alternatives as the consumer demand for multiscreen video services continues to grow.

Ashton Gate

We are part of the Bristol Is Open Smart City project and have delivered a world-first wifi system for Ashton Gate Stadium as well as being part of a wider project towards the provision of 5G. 

Zeetta Networks originated from the High Performance Network Group of the University of Bristol. This is one of very fewteams in the world with proficiency in both Optical Transport networks and SDN & Network Virtualisation. 

Zeetta Networks maintains strong links with the UK, European and international research community and participates in several cooperation activities, including Horizon 2020 and US-Ignite.