Zeetta Networks welcomes Budget announcement of £500m boost to UK tech sector

Today, Wednesday 22nd November 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his autumn budget statement announced the release of £500m of public sector funding for the UK’s tech sector. The investment focuses on a range of tech applications from AI to 5G and full fibre deployment. Some £160m of the boost is specifically ear marked for development of the UK’s 5G network. The drive behind the announcement is part of the Government’s desire for the UK to be a world-leading digital economy.

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Zeetta Networks supports partner Ashton Gate telling their connected stadium story

Our advancements to enhance connectivity in large venues and stadia around the world with smart wireless and digital technologies will be showcased at the Connected Stadium Summit in Amsterdam on the 7th and 8th November.

Since our inaugural Smart Infrastructure 2017 event at Ashton Gate Stadium last week, we will be continuing conversations and connecting with fellow peers at the Connected Stadium Summit to drive forward this move towards smart leadership in smart venues.

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Zeetta Networks joins the movers and shakers at Telecoms Infra Project Summit

Zeetta Networks will be contributing to the invite-only Telecoms Infra Project (TIP) Summit in Santa Clara, California on 8th and 9th November. Our CEO, Vassilis Seferidis, will join global tech leaders at this prestigious event to exchange ideas which aim to transform not only the industry, but the world with increased connectivity.

For Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, access to the Internet for all is a fundamental challenge of our time, and one that the social media behemoth is taking on. At Mobile World Congress this year, Nicola Mendelsohn, the tech giant’s vice president for EMEA said:

“We think there’s still a lot of work to do in connecting the unconnected. Most people – 4 billion – are still unconnected.”

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Zeetta Networks Smartens the Conversation on Venue Technology at Smart Infrastructure 2017

Smart Infrastructure 2017 challenged the current state of networking in stadia on October 30th, and delivered expert insight into the evolving smart culture in networking and venue management. Zeetta Networks used their innovative NetOS® platform to show three live demonstrations of real world value as currently deployed at their partner, Ashton Gate Stadium.

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Building Gigabit Britain at The Independent Networks Cooperative Association flagship 2017 conference

Off the back of The Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) Building GigaBit Britain Report released last year, we will be joining leading industry experts who are gathering in Newcastle upon Tyne on the 16th November, to explore new progress, funding opportunities and altnet initiatives in nationwide plans for developing gigabit infrastructure.

Our Marketing and Sales Director, Nick Randall, will be speaking on ‘Managing Networks of the Future’ as part of a workshop, alongside fellow leading business representatives from access innovators Calix, fiber software business NetAdmin and internetworking provider Adtran. Talks and panel discussions throughout the workshop will focus on how networks of the future will be managed throughout the UK, as independent fibre optic cable operators are now providing enhanced network operation services in cities. We propose that this is accelerated via adopting a new approach to wholesale service provisioning using software defined network technologies, for business and residential markets.

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NetOS® platform demonstrating transformation in smart infrastructure at INNOVATE UK 2017

●      Zeetta Networks will showcase their innovative NetOS® technology at the INNOVATE 2017 event, taking place on 8th/9th November.

●      NetOS® platform demos and key applications will feature in the Innovate Showcase arena

●      Currently Zeetta Networks is working on an Innovate UK supported project to deploy NetOS® technology at Ashton Gate Stadium


Zeetta Networks will be exhibiting their ground-breaking NetOS® technology at Innovate UK’s flagship global innovation event on 8-9th November at the NEC in Birmingham. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience first-hand Zeetta Networks’ unique software defined networking solutions and virtualization.

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Zeetta Networks joins business leaders in exclusive Big Data Roundtable as part of the Festival of the Future City

The second Festival of the Future City, set to be the largest public debate on the direction of our urban communities, is taking place over three days this week from the 18th-20th October, and Zeetta Networks will join discussions as part of an exclusive Big Data Roundtable.

This roundtable will explore leading questions on the current state of Big Data accessibility and usage across public and private, sectors and industries, concerned to identify the impact developments are already having and will have in shaping our society and the emergence of the smart city.

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Zeetta Networks to showcase SDN Deployments at SDN NFV World Congress

The world’s leading SDN experts are gathering at The Hague next week for the Software Defined Network (SDN) and Networks Functions Virtualization (NFV) event and we are part of it. We are presenting our real-world deployments of the Network Operating System (NetOS®), at the event hosted by Layer123 from October 9th-13th, to contribute to the industry knowledge exchange as the pace of SDN adoption increases.

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Industry Experts Will Reveal Their ‘Smart’ Strategies at Zeetta Networks’ Smart Infrastructure 2017 Event

Industry leaders will be revealing their ‘smart’ digital strategies at the inaugural Smart Infrastructure 2017 event hosted by Zeetta Networks at Ashton Gate Stadium on 30th October. Each presenter will speak on the event theme ‘Smart Leaders for Smart Venues’, and will bring their unique insight into how network infrastructure and digital strategies must reflect a greater think-change within IT leadership.

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Zeetta Networks win BT, Facebook and Telecoms Infrastructure Project (TIP) competition

Zeetta Networks, will be one of the first entrants to the Telecoms Ecosystem Acceleration Centre (TEAC) initiative, part of the Telecoms Infra Project (TIP) founded last year by leading global telecom companies. TIP has the ambition to transform connectivity around the world through innovative network infrastructure technologies that will challenge the traditional approach to deploying global telecoms.

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