In a Software Defined Network, OpenFlow Agent is a software module which allows the abstraction of any legacy network element (e.g. optical switch, wireless access point, sensor gateways, etc.) so it can be integrated and managed by the SDN controller


Zeetta supports the OpenFlow Southbound API so our Agents can be used with any third party OpenFlow SDN controller.

Our OpenFlow Agent is compatible with OpenFlow ver.1.03 while support for the emerging OpenFlow 1.4 is now under development.

A range of OpenFlow Agents have been developed to support a variety of network devices including optical, wireless and IoT networks


Optical Technologies
We provide OpenFlow Agents for a wide range of optical switching technologies including Space Switch, WDM ROADM, Flex-grid ROADM and Optical NIC. 

Zeetta's OpenFlow Agents support a range of popular management protocols to communicate with the network and switching devices including SNMP, TL1, Raw Socket and Ethernet Frame.