Zeetta Networks welcomes “Bristol Is Open” launch using NetOS™ software defined networking (SDN) technology

BRISTOL, UK – 10th March, 2015 – Zeetta Networks welcomed today the official launch of Bristol Is Open, the first joint venture between Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol, aiming at combining advanced technology developed by the University with council-owned infrastructure to create an innovative high-performance, high-speed experimental testbed network in Bristol.

Bristol Is Open uses the council-owned fiber-optic network linking Bristol University to access points around the city.  This backbone network is connected with a variety of wireless sub-networks intended to deliver user data rates up to 1 Gbps using a combination of Wi-Fi, LTE Advanced and –in the future- other more advanced wireless access technologies such as 60 GHz wireless.

Distributed sensors across the city supply the network with information about many aspects of city life including energy, air quality, temperature, humidity and traffic flows while the University’s supercomputing and cloud resources host and analyze -in real-time- information flows, providing open, accessible data for the development of a wide range of applications and services to improve the modern urban living and explore solutions on a city-wide scale.

In the heart of this ambitious project sits the Smart City Network Operating System (NetOS™), developed by the University’s High Performance Networks research group over the last five years, as part of European, UK Government and Industry funded research. NetOS™ is an open, scalable and virtualized network platform based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization (NV) principles. It creates a consistent and up-to-date view of the underlying network infrastructure and allows the creation of “network slices” which can be individually monitored, controlled and used to deploy a wide range of innovative new services for citizens, business and academia.

Zeetta Networks has been formed by the University of Bristol to commercialise this exciting new technology beyond Bristol Is Open.

Paul Wilson, Managing Director of Bristol Is Open commented: “The University’s NetOS™ SDN technology is at the heart of Bristol Is Open and is opening-up many possibilities to us. I am excited about the opportunity for Zeetta Networks to distribute NetOS™ further beyond Bristol, to enterprises and other municipalities.” 

Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks said: “As the first Open Programmable City testbed based on SDN and Network Virtualization principles, Bristol Is Open provides a unique opportunity to test our NetOS™ solution in a real city-wide environment and put our technology through its paces.  We are confident that in this ground breaking project we will showcase the ability of NetOS™ to deliver an open platform for the efficient use and monetisation of city resources and infrastructure.”