Football Stadiums – how Smart do you need to be?

We met recently with the Research and Development team of a very large Service Provider that we at Zeetta Networks have collaborated with for a long time – and experienced a moment when we were asked a question we never thought we’d hear from them.

Football Stadium? Why should I take you seriously?

It turns out that in their mind, a football stadium wasn’t a complicated customer. Why should it need a reference Network Operating system to run the network? It opened my eyes to the fact that even those right inside the network industry may not have the complete insight into what a modern venue actually needs from its infrastructure.

Football stadiums (and thus all major venues) are really demanding I.T. environments


·         are diverse: with a dynamic environment supporting a constant series of events, large and small

·         are adapting: every weekend they transform from an Enterprise into a small Internet Service Provider, with upwards of 20k “new” subscribers turning up at once

·         are multi-agency: complex arrangements exist with different Providers all using the same infrastructure, from emergency services to IPTV providers, CCTV providers to event security

·         are complicated: a number of diverse radio based communications exist in a relatively small space, and they hate working with each other. You have police radios interfering with point of sale networks running alongside network security and optical networks, for a start…before you even think about Wifi.

You have to be very smart to put “Smart” into Smart Infrastructure

Smart enough in fact to gain appreciation of this complexity from the R&D team of one of the world’s largest network providers. Here at Zeetta Networks, we are proud to be a serious player when it comes to managing the rising costs of increasing network complexity through our NetOS® platform.

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