Zeetta has developed key network applications on top of the SDN controller
such as virtual PCE, infrastructure slicing, monitoring etc. to showcase the capabilities of NetOS® and to accelerate its integration with customers' networks


Optical Network Slicing & Virtualization 

Zeetta’s team has developed optical network extensions to FlowVisor* and demonstrated network virtualization (via slicing) for both optical and packet switched networks utilising Zeetta’s home brew SDN solution.

* Flowvisor is a special SDN controller that acts as a proxy between OpenFlow devices and multiple controllers. It creates 'slices' of network resources and delegates control of each slice to a different SDN controller.

Path Computation Element (PCE)

PCE is a network device that computes data flow paths across the network. In a software defined network, it can be implemented as a SDN controller application. Zeetta’s PCE solution has few appealing features:

  • cross technology path computation
  • 'end to end' path computation taking into account impairment requirements and Quality of Transport (QoT)
  • PCE virtualisation

Integration with OpenStack

Zeetta Networks has developed the methodology and necessary algorithms to expose the underlying network resources and related information to the OpenStack** cloud platform in order to support all the existing and future OpenStack cloud services and applications in a coordinated way.

**OpenStack is an open source cloud platform which is widely deployed as 'infrastructure-as-Service' (IaaS) solution.