NetOS® will help you architect more efficient, flexible network control. This enables networks to scale up as required in order to manage huge amounts of data and to control many thousands of new devices without escalating OPEX costs. Zeetta Network’s unique services offer a range of benefits to different users:

First the network elements are lower-cost systems – often called ‘bare-metal’components.

Second, they can be mixed and matched between vendors, further driving down the CAPEX costs, because they use established standards to ensure interoperability.

Most importantly, NetOS® brings a new level of flexibility and automation because the network can now be ‘programmed’ by third party systems that no longer need to understand every individual network component.

smart city

Our engineers can offer the best technical insights to help you move to Smart City capability quickly and efficiently. 

We can support your enterprise with our experienced technical support teams, and cutting edge Software Defined Networking. [Link]

For Network Operators, Zeetta can help you to manage a diverse set of sub-networks (sensor, wireless and wired) and dynamically switch between technologies.