Smart Cities

Bristol is Open

Zeetta Networks offers a network operating system for converged city infrastructure.

As part of Bristol Is Open, Zeetta is experienced in delivering open, programmable Smart City solutions.

Zeetta can work with cities to create converged, heterogeneous networks that combine optical, wireless and IoT networks with cloud infrastructure. As demonstrated in the Bristol Is Open project Zeetta’s NetOS technology can deliver a network operating system to manage a diverse ‘network of networks’ and multi-technology support.

Our approach to network virtualisation enables ‘slicing’ of the network, to share resources among users and create unique opportunities for business. By using SDN enabled virtual infrastructure control, a city has visible slices of the different components that can create new CAPEX opportunities without added OPEX costs.

Zeetta Networks technologies can enable 5G infrastructure and super-fast optical wireless network capabilities in your Smart City. As countries around the world opt for SDN technologies, start your road to 5G Smart City networking with Zeetta, contact us today.